Misadventure Spoiler

Another Misadventure of Sekai from Karasz! this time Sekai writing a letter to her mom, telling all the adventure She had during she’s in oversea~
This time Sekai speaking in English! with the help of several Dub voice for her, the result become perfect!


In the video, Sekai was telling about Setsuna that she miss her so much, and makoto said she will be meet again someday!


Setsuna Kiyoura in progress:

its actually karasz request for commission. Seem the requester for butler got a bit problem, so Karasz ask for her first… what do you think?



  1. Setsuna looks amazing in 3D, and she’s pretty cute too. :3 I’m sure she and Sekai will be happy together.

  2. I thought it said LOL, but I read carefully and it said…LOLI…wow…
    …Still Setsuna is cute in XenoAisam 3D style. 😀

  3. You think Loli?

    Yeah, I think it too.(I hate children -*-)

    I know Setsuna is not a child, She’s look like an adult, quite , prudent and cool!!!

    I like her very very much! >w<
    (Although she's short and small… LOL!)

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