Update No.10 : メカ娘 Tiger-I body WIP

Update of progress! now body is completed but not yet texture~ stay tuned! XD

tiger7a tiger7 tiger7b

duh~ why i’m taking so long??


  1. Yay, body’s taken shape! Didn’t seem like it took too long to me. C:

    *Has been busy with all kinds of administrative work for my software development class–being elected team admin is not easy. XD*

  2. Lol, I think in this course I’m really restricted to certain things (Blame college policies and all that rotgut), so anything we develop is likely to stay in the campus network–so much for my dream of a Metal Slug knock-off. @.@

    Being Team Administrator is not fun though–I get ALL of the proverbial paperwork so instead of coding most of the time, I have to serve as a liason between my team and my professor…and this is for the entire semester. o.o;

  3. Thoce BIG mechanical parts look very unpractical and uncomfortable. That and… why the heck do they all have such a short skirt? O_o???

  4. Only practical reason I can think of is anything longer would restrict leg movement. Other than that, Mecha Musume is really just a fanservice genre that’s just so over-the-top in that aspect that it actually becomes comedic lulz–Hence, the parody of Mecha Musume that is the various Mecha Shounen Len Kagamine concepts in addition to Karl-Gerat Boy/Trap/Cirno’s Huggle Toy for maximum o.O and D: factor to induce…more lulz. o.O

  5. this weekdays i’m busy with studio at uni… seems everything going fine! ..but my progress here little bit slow… so this is what i come up for a moment ;

    process of making normal maps ^ the pic shows the hi-poly model

    • Lol, I’ve been busy myself at college. Been working on a project proposal and had to wait all of last evening for my team members to send me their bios, the last thing I needed before I could make the submission. XD

      Texture so far looks pretty good. Not much else to comment on as it’s getting there. OuO

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