Update No.9 : Tiger-I head WIP FINAL

So this is the final WIP of the mecha musume Tiger-I head!
i took time to make her more “LOLI’S”

nyahaha~ check it out animation .gif image:



  1. 😀

    This really captures the look and identity of Tiger-I Girl. Methinks this will be a really popular one for Gmod once it’s ready. C:

    Tiger-I Girl: *Gets glomped and huggled by crazy fanboys and the occasional fangirl in the background* o.O

    crazy fanboys and fangirls: 😀 😀

  2. I could imagine the ensuing slaughter from all that.

    Tiger-I Girl + Karl-Gerat Boy/Trap: *Blast apart hordes upon hordes of Pedobears with their respective 8.8 cm KwK 36 and 60cm Morser guns*

    Pedobears: *Get blown to gibs*

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