Picture update

New Naluri image into gallery~ this is what i call myself, “love with own creation” 😛 haha i cant help my self… everytime I open up Naluri model in 3ds Max, i’m always said “OMG! sooo cuteeee awww”…. duhh~ this the way i express feeling to my own character…

please go into gallery to view it! “custom image”:

and i’ve upload image of mecha musume character progress. Please click for full image:

shot00614 shot00613 shot00615


  1. Naluri’s so cute in that pic–the “Nya-” made me chuckle a bit. XD

    Yay, Panzer Armored Rin and Len army! 😀

  2. i have 3 japan urban map now (include with that video)~ u cant search it anywhere.. its custom made by NeoTokyo team and i will allow it be download later after ren is finish~

  3. Oh, I see. Those look like neat maps and for a second I thought it was an urban map set in Malaysia, Singapore, or even Indonesia. (The palm trees made me think that). 😀

  4. err~ wait…
    what is you ideal gameplay speed for ut2004? because i’m always play my game with gamespeed 0.7 or 0.8

    this is the most ideal timing effect of my creation take place… gamespeed 1.0 make the game nonsense to me

  5. That’s cool. 😀

    Looking at the video again, I noticed Naluri’s Bertha Sniper Rifle showed up during the match. Nice Naluri reference there, xeno. OwO

  6. Silly me…I forgot all about that since I’m used to 75mm Sherman Portable Cannon arena matches on my spare time. XD

  7. Looks great!

    As for the mg42, I would recommend trying to find a sound similar to the one used in Jin-roh, as it is extremely badass.

    Any Miku in the future? ;3

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