Lets Fight Naluri


My bored video because of my addiction on Crysis right now. This video featuring Naluri and Nomad figth just like a normal fighting game (street fighter as an example)

3 round  fighting

  • 1st round, Nomad is the winner by throwing barrel to Naluri
  • 2nd round, Very cheeky of Naluri dodge the punch from Nomad and hit with chance and at the last Nomad defeat!
  • 3rd round, many of Naluri’s fans try to help defeating Nomad. Nomad defeat all the obstruct around but at last Nomad fall to Naluri’s hand!

pss: dont feel weird of the guy voice over Naluri! because crysis doesn’t support girl voice for soldier, so thats the only way i can do to make the video good!

Happy Watching!


  1. Lol, CQC (Close-Quarters Combat). Reminds me of Duel Mode from the ChaosUT2 mod that lets you use all kinds of melee weapons form Axes to Swords, Maces, Warhammers and even Claws on your enemies (InstaGib Melee makes things even more fun–either you hit them and they explode, or they hit you and, um…you explode. o.O)

    Of course ChaosUT2’s melee system forces you to use 3rd person view whereas this one doesn’t. o.o

  2. It’s funny when all thoce troops come to assist Naluri!

    You should make one of them in PASKAL style just as a tribute to their artificiall courage 😛

  3. Here’s some spirit for you xeno–I just made a PayPal donation to you. :3

    (My paycheck actually came in last weekend–I just didn’t have enough time to update my savings account until earlier on today.)

  4. I took some time to think about it and figured the best way to go about this is to do both: The outfit you suggested could be for more normal people who’d want to download it whereas the other outfit I suggested, which was Len crossplaying in the exact same Panzer outfit as Rin (while wearing briefs no less) would be more for silliness.

    Reason I suggest both is because if only Len crossplaying as a Panzer Girl is made, not many people will download it, but at the same time we need something VERY silly and that’s why I’m giving the go-ahead to do both. XD

  5. Lol. Don’t worry though–this is the only time I’m gonna request anything so silly and wrong such as Panzer Armored crossplay Len. XD

  6. I guess if we had to choose just one, I’d go for the one in the third image, specifically the one that’s labeled “German Aircraft Cannon MG/151 20”. C:

  7. MG/151 20 is a REALLY big Machine Gun that’s almost as big as a cannon (That’s what an Autocannon is). I guess to balance it you could have it fire somewhat slower than Rin’s MG42 but it still fires faster than the Sherman cannon. :3

  8. i feel weird when i do kagamine len model~ wearing *cough*briefs*cough*

    anyway its finish~
    i will do two version, diffuse and cellshade for both model

  9. Don’t worry–as I said, this is the ONLY time I’ll ever ask for something so silly and weird. XD

  10. ok later i will upload video preview rin n len fighting~ with mg 42(with model and playable) and mg151(no model yet but its playable)

    anyway.. i still want to know, where’s the mg151 trigger and handle?

  11. Now that I think about it, I never thought about the MG 151 handle. I guess you could just use the trigger and handle of the MG42. It might seem weird but then again the MG 151 was originally an aircraft gun to begin with. o.O

  12. It’s up to you on how to design the trigger and handle. As things stand, the trigger and handle are the only things the MG 151s need–otherwise Len wouldn’t be able to fire these giant aircraft guns. XD

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