Please people! help me with motivation and support for maintain this website! for now i’m losing interest with my track working list on what i’m working on this lately

  • Help me with Support

I need you support to gain my spirit!  I’m working with all the items here for free and for your happiness. But sometime i’m doing this without getting any profit make me less interest and motivation to continue all this works for future. Donate me some money if you really enjoyable with all works here. Your support will be usefull and be repaid with all the stuff here. If not, the consequence from my elder ask me to stop all free stuff from here and leave this website in blank.

  • Help me with motivation

Because its related with money. No money, my work will become more slow and i’m losing my motivation. Because of less motivation, my list WIP are not really followed, many things being halt and lost focus on what i’m doing. If you like me to continue this work for longer time or forever, please give support ! moral, motivation and donation!


This is the result when i’m not following the WIP list

this is the feature of comparison between different game engine by using same model, Naluri V3

Please click at the image for full view

i also make list video preview for each game:

Naluri in Crysis:

Naluri in Half-Life 2:

Naluri in Unreal Tournament 2004:

Have a nice day


  1. I’ll see if I can send you a little something via PayPal, but that depends on when I get my next paycheck. :3

  2. I tried recently, but it did’nt work because I got the wrong type of money system or something like that. (I’m not very good at that sort of things you see :P)

    But you got my support all the way. 🙂

    I find it really cool how different Naluri looks in different games 🙂

  3. Xeno, it might take me awhile to get my next donation in–my boss is late with my paycheck and I’m still waiting for her to send it to my account. @.@

  4. Weird one, huh? XD

    I finally got my paycheck in the mail today but I can’t deposit it until this coming Monday since the banks aren’t open on the weekends–my donation will probably have to wait until the middle of next week at the earlierst. @.@

  5. woa~ what are you working on actually?

    anyway, kagamine rin actually finished! but i know u want it pair with len in pack…. so i’m not releasing it yet because len is still in progress

  6. I work as a software quality assurance tester (I get paid to debug program code all day. XD).

    As for Kagamine Len, I think it’s a good idea to wait until Len is finished and then release them both at the same time–they’re both twins so I figured that’d be fitting. Of course if you want to release Rin first, go right ahead. :3

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