Site Update

After long time with nothing on this site, now i’ve do some update. check it out!:

on gallery:

on animated (video):

video video video video

please go into related section for viewing the items!

have a nice day!


  1. Okey Xeno. I’m gonna be frank and honest with you…

    I really like the first pic, it’s cute. The second is dynamic, and shows Naluri’s more cheerfull personality.

    The other two… SHAME ON YOU XENO! THEY ARE PERVERTED!!! >_<

  2. muahahaahaha~ the first pic is a boy (shota)
    second pic is not drawn by me (i’m just colour)
    third pic ecchi rate
    forth pic is angel (there’s no panty shot!)

  3. another bridget? noo… its just shotakon!

    well i forgot to tell this, next time i will upload new update for 75mm cannon (not sherman) its repair bug of smoke thats always appear at spawning point and flood of ut2004.log error. In addition new explode sound and double fire have been implement into this update as well!

    and i also drawing specalpha v2 now..

  4. Lol, at least it’s the first pic that’s a shota and not the third–now THAT’d be scary. >.< + o.O + XD

    I really like how Naluri looks happy and all in that second pic. :3

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