Naluri V3 to HL2


Boroko Reports…

Ya as you can see Naluri V3 are ready to HL2. But this time it is Xeno that have done the editing work. So this time i just compile it and some texture script. And again i have compiled it to replace Alyx in hl2. This one should fit to Hl2 , Hl2 ep1 and ep2. Please report if you got any problems. Hope you all like it.

Boroko over and out


  1. Hey, great work on the conversion! Besides a few animation clipping issues, she’s an awesome Alyx replacement. One thing though, you should re-edit the pistol shoot animation. She uses the badly animated citizen pistol shooting animation instead of the rapid fire. Just thought I’d throw that out there, Awesome model none the less, keep up the awesome conversions!

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