Update 2 things~

If u see the animated gif at the front pages, thats what i doing right now! but at the below pic there are Naluri on the running animation~ thats one of the great helpful work from Sir Boroko! just call Boroko ^_^

He help moding the model for half-life 2 engine! and now he said still in the beta phase, so just wait for upcoming news from him!! LOVE it to see Naluri in other games ^_^ so what should her be??? NPC allies? Portal Character? Alyx Vance? orrrrr~~ Combine Soldier?? hahaha

here the pic progress:

and for the hare hare yukai, yes! i still continue it but its not easy just what have u seen in anime~ the motion need to be follow carefully so it will not running off from the sequence time! for now its still 42% completed~


  1. Hmm, Naluri and PASKAL in HaLF-LIFE 2, interesting! 🙂
    Saw your front pic! Hare-hare-hare-hare-hare-hare-hare-yukai! XD
    Glad to hear that Boroko is helping out! 😉

  2. Hey, I just recently saw that you put up a new pic of VV-KO on DeviantArt!

    She’s so Awesome, big thanks! 😀

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