Tutorial! Update

Tutorial Section had some updated Info:

  • Step 11 Visions

and new more tutor added, hair!

  • Step 1 New Paper
  • Step 2 Another Paper

Happy Learning ^_^


  1. Great work Xeno! Oh, and I’m working on a new design for Beta, I think your going to like the new design! ^_^

    If you don’t like the eyes thoe, you can alway change them to how you want them: Altough, keep the eyebrows, he looks hilarious with them! XD

    Also, I’ve fixed some new head designs for the soldiers:

  2. Sherman and VV-KO aaahhh~~ forgot! well at least VV-KO are complete but still no custom weapon… but Sherman Still have many animation left but have completed her 75mm weapon

  3. by the way~ new name has been recover! Nuri and Mentari!

    Nuri stance for a name of bird
    Mentari stance for sun

    Nuri maybe best suit as female and Mentari would be male

  4. Maiby Mentari could be the male Elite?
    But Nuri, hmmm…

    We got Urban, Desert, Jungle, Snow/Elite, and commando…

    What’s next? Navy? Aerial? Communications officer? Engineer? Ranger? Sniper? Hmmm… I’ll try and come up with a good idea…

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