Wait till next week! If nothing going on~

Busy~ Busy~ Busy~ thats what i going to say!  my final submit due to next week its coming approach!! T_T my work still hang up “solveless” sorry! but i will try to continue if nothing happened in the next week after submition~

Yah! I’m busy with my studio, studies work~ Y_Y


  1. I’m also busy with crappy studies… T_T

    But I managed to get a B+ on “Nature-A” class this week…

  2. ahh~~~ sorry~ sorry~ i dont know where to start after long break from this work~ before that, i’m just wanted to try upload some free game for ya download and put up new download section! but this site and filefront does not allowed it~ T_T

    please give me some advice what should i do or continue~?

  3. Uh… maiby another site can help you with that? Then you can put up that download link here!

    Maiby “FileFactory” can help?

  4. for this site! like small player at the side of this site~ something call “widget” but i’m still testing it! and its provide from file factory itself

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