Naluri Gallery now available for “click” hhahahaha sorry for the delay ^_^

Go into Gallery Now!!


  1. I saw your pics! I thought the Casual Naluri pic that you had on the frontpage was you first! Sorry! ^_^;

    We got to have casual Naluri in BANZAI! 😛

  2. So, has anything interesting happened?

    Myself, I’ve become teacher of a Manga school (not school, as in a big school, more of a small club, where I teach how to draw…)

  3. Hahaha, actually I mix up every drawing styles I like! ^_^
    The big boots are inspired by you thoe! Faces and slightly blocky hands was Q-Ko-Chan, etc etc…

    By the way, what did you mean by “pervert” on the Illustrations topic in BANZAI? Was it Lambda? I just tried to show how her dress look beneath the poncho. I did’nt mean anything bad. 😦

  4. no! ahahahha i mean just u said lambda “can see through wall” but in my word “can see through cloth”~
    so i was thinking when NR1 giving his speech to lambda but lambda just use his eyes to see through Nr.1 cloth~ then her face turn red~ Nr1 was thinking Lambda some wierdo girl smiling with no reason infront of him ^_^

    hahahaha i think it can become a side comic 🙂

  5. Ahahahaha, I did’nt think of that, that’s hilarious Xeno! Good idea for a side-comic! Thank you! ^_^

    And what did you think of Nr.1?

  6. Nah, I think he should have the eye-scar and the suit with pockets. Makes him look somewhat weak, but intelligent…

    Oh, and I got a cool idea for meeting up against VV-Ko in BANZAI, in her human-form, she is disguised as a maid somewhere, so she just stands there and won’t harm you, but when you’ve gone åast her…

    She pics up a CHAINSAW and CHASES YOU! Considering her poncho, she’s invincible (considering that the core is the only spot to hit, to kill her), and getting hit by the Chainsaw is Veeeeeeery Fatal, chop goes the head… in a as bloody as possible way! (grins evilly)

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