Nostalgic Manga!!!

OMG!! Such a lovely day!!! I found back my own old drawn manga!! … somewhere in my store… i think i draw it in year around 17 (maybe i’m still in the school that day 😛 ) hahaha such nostalgic about police story~ and my pretty bad art!!!

What i show here~ just a bit of it, i cant show it all cause its content much ecchi :p what the heck!! I’m really pervert when think back of my old day 😛

here (click the pic):

Sorry!! the language are in Malaysian~ 😛


  1. Not that I understand what is being said.

    But I think you drew very nice back then! Maiby the gasmasked police could make a cameo as a enemy type in BANZAI?

  2. Oh, by the way Xeno, I checked in on your Gallery, and noticed that some of your 3d artwork where missing, like those of Alpha, and the rest! O_O

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