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OMG!! I’m all alone doing the test how the animation of weapon would be~ in Unrealtournament 2004, i’m still planning to do the PASKAL Jupiter Rifle as a main assault riffle for all PASKAL force (Rokiahi, Naluri, Rohani, Nurani)

But now i’m doing the research how the weapon species for Sherman Armored infantry unit~ 75mm caliber portable cannon heh~ by using onslaught hovertank code for the cannon~

and for the VV-KO maybe i will make her available to summon Ghost Spirit around her~ and assist her to fight opponent! by using onslaught spidermine weapon and monster code~ only allow summon for 2 spirit and power strength like ons hovertank, destroy when player died, fire lightning and follow player like normal teamplay

still in research~ ^_^


  1. That’s some really cool idea’s Xeno! But VV-Ko’s ability feels more like IC-Ko’s! ^_^;

    But it’s really cool! So are the gun ideas! (pics please?)

    VV-Ko could also be given a miniature uh… spiral bow, like in the comic, after killing 10 or maiby 8 players without dying. That would work like the Ion Plasma tank cannon.

  2. Oh, and do you know the Malaysian word for “Prankster?”

    And all words for emotions, incase I make up my own PASKAL members…

    Oh, and ‘ve redone, the Emosi pic, go check BANZAI!

  3. Prankster? never heard of that!!

    By the way Ruki, did you contact Goldfenix about Q-Ko-Chan model that he promised? well i want to see his work back~ and maybe we can compete together~ hohoho
    you can ask him to see the VV-KO here

  4. Huh? Nope but I will! Oh and Prankster means someone that does practical jokes on others… alot, I was thinking that the small blue Sensei would have it as a name, first I thought about using the Japanese word “Itazura” but it was taken… 😦

    Oh, and do you mean that you’d like to make Q-Ko and SS-Ko too? 😀
    I’ll go get Goldfenix right away!!!

  5. Hey, cool site Xeno. I have started on them, but the heads are difficult to do, its very different than my usual style, but I am doing it anyway to help you and for the experience. Has for everything other than the body, it wont be long before finished. I have got nothing else I feel like doing right now, I suppose I could finally get around to getting these done, heh.

  6. Great!!! Goldfenix!! Glad to hear word from ya!

    If you want me to post your pic progress here, just send me the pic! i will try to post here ^_^

  7. OMG!! I’ve forgot!! Happy birthday Ruki! but today its 11 not 19 hahahaha….

    Sorry i’ve got busy testing the 75mm cannon…. its done!! now i’m working to texturing the VV-KO back


  8. No I meant I’m 19 years old today!

    Oh, does the gun work?

    And I’m looking forward to VV-Ko’s texture! ^_^

    How’s it going on your end Goldfenix?

  9. yeah!! the gun its work and pretty fun! you will try to dodge the bullet if you can and you will heard the bullet fly sound like incoming mortar!

    1 shot doesn’t kill the player but 2 yes!
    you need skill to handle your 75mm, and accuracy!! because 1 shot can cause opponent to fly at the air! and it’s advantages to them to shot you at higher area!

    but two sherman armored infantry with both 75mm portable cannon could be devastating war machine!! 2 instant attack to you, you’re dead!!

    its like we need to cooperate to handle the gun effectively! and try to making combo

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