VV-KO 10percent

now i’m working with VV-KO, about 10% finished (maybe)


only baldyhead:


  1. Huh? What do you. Oh… OK, I understand, altough I think her bat wing shaped bow on the back is proof enough! ^_^

    I mean honestly, bat shaped bow on the dress= badguy!

    Oh, and I noticed that her eyes look pretty… normal… does’nt she have like 3 layers instead of one? Uh… wait… ah crap…

  2. Oh by the way. I’m asking for permission to release a Riroki skin without cap! Is it ok? It’s promosion for UTcomic4! ^_^

  3. Oh! By the way, noticed that on the second pic, you drew the bow on her head to go backwards. Actually, it’s supposed to go straight up. Oh and she is supposed to have a cruel face. A smirk and badass look! ^_^

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