Name: Rokiahi
Sex: Female
Millitary Group: PASKAL seal

Rokiahi is well known by all PASKAL members as a main ground unit specialized in urban environments. One of the general PASKAL members, Ranking high in the Royal Malaysian army, She is well trained with any kind of weaponry, stealth, and close combat, She also knows how to drive various vehicles and how to capture enemies alive. She wears a normal urban setting PASKAL uniform, black with a red strip. It is also equipped with nano-technology to reduce impact on the body when hit.

Rokiahi just a normal girl from normal family. Entered the military just to provide a service for her own loving country and to prevent people from suffering during the war.

Picture for V1 and V2

Picture of V3


      • Lol, Sekai. I could just picture a Gmod moment of Sekai and Kotonoha locked in the same room with a knife, a shovel, and that shoulder-fired Slug Cannon I made for Karl-Gerat Boy. XD

        I should make a Gmod comic of that when Sekai is ready. XD

      • But she looks done…


        Oh and…not sure if she wants a bullpup or an assault rifle with a backwards mag (discussed from BU’s SkinCity site).

  1. Well, since I’m currently writing a story about this beautiful young lady, it would be absolutely lovely to have her as a model.

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