Mecha Musume

Name: M4A3 Sherman MechanizedArmored Infantry
Nickname: Sherman Armored Infantry
Sex: NanoBio girl
Millitary Group: Tactical Armored Division
Effective Camouflage: Turnisia Desert
Weakness: German Tiger armored assault Infantry

During World War II, the M4 Sherman served with the US Army and US Marine Corps. US service history accommodated the large transfer of US Shermans to the allied forces of the United Kingdom (including Commonwealth), Soviet Union, Free French government-in-exile, Polish government-in-exile, Brazil, and China. An armored infantry unit with unremarkable performance, but with high levels of reliability
and expandability.

Some of Sherman Action:

Some Note of Model:

Random Pic Development:

Reposting back Step by step Development:

This Model also Equip with weapon call:

  • 75mm portable cannon

Weapon Picture:

Free UVW texture for someone downloaded my model that include in extra content:

  • Head UV

  • Body UV

Sherman Armored Infantry is piece of work of Shimada Humikane from mecha musume series. Credit were given to me for making this complete model and the character were belong to Shimada Humikane. Mecha Musume is the term used by the artist Shimada Humikane (島田フミカネ) for his copyrighted commercial and artistic designs.


  1. Nice update Xeno…i did like the part where you can see he different bye bump maps an normal maps are add 😀

  2. I really liked the 75mm cannon mutator you included with Sherman Armored Infantry–use it with the Arena mutator and expect to see everyone in that match flying around when the cannon shells hit. XD

    By any chance are you going to make any mods of the other Mecha Musume character designs? That would make for a good WWII re-enactment on a certain WWII map out there. :3

  3. haha thank you! glad u like it!
    i love to play with it among with my new NaluriV3 model, Bertha Sniper Combine with 75mm cannon! good combination when playing on onslaught! Just like in war environment feel!

    i have german SS soldier skin (Axis) , if u want me to put here too for download~~

  4. Please do. I’d be happy to test it out. :3

    Even now I still find matches with ONLY the 75mm cannon hilarious–it’s a great alternative to InstaGib matches. XD

  5. 75mm Cannon–one of the few weapons in the universe that happens to be MORE fun to use than an InstaGib Shock Rifle! XD

  6. Aaaaah, so kawaii! ^_^

    I love this model for UT2K4–looks so cute and funny to play as. I wonder how a smexii bishounen dressed in that same outfit would look? 😀

  7. Truely excellent work. I really hope to see her in HL2 replacing Alyx (like the Tiger). In the main time, I maybe considering buy UT2004 just to be able to play as her ><.

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