Banzai Escape 2 Released!
Grab it while its still fresh and hot!
Good Day Everyone!

Today is a great day to celebrate!

Today is the day of Banzai Escape 2 released!
After taking about 4 years long development and developed with mostly about 2-3 peoples and now we managed to release it to the world!

Here’s the game store page!

Thank you for all of you who are supporting us back then till now!
And We are sorry for lacking lots of news. The development took hell of our time in developing this game.
-But We consider this game as our grand masterpieces! We give lots of sweat on creating it!
Hope You Guys Will Enjoy it!

Yes! Nothing is perfect! Because our team is small, we are lacking man-powers and resource (money of course) to perfecting this game! So, expecting you will encounter some minor bugs. But we confident there’s no major bugs that make it unplayable!

And there’s more!
We also in process of integrating this game to the STEAM WORKSHOP!
Mod is fully functional, and there’s a tool inside game directory to allow player to start mod-ing. Sadly, no tutorial or documentation yet! But feel free to asking us, especially me (XenoAisam) on chat group on how to mod-ing

Banzai Escape 2 Chat Group:

No STEAM achievement? Don’t worry! We will integrate it in the future when the times comes! We hope you guy will play it and get the fun to the bottom of your heart!

Thank you once again!

Aisam 🙂


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