Banzai Escape Episode 2 & Other Update Progress

There’s ton of updates available since the last post. Mainly now for Banzai Escape Ep2.

New lvl2 map almost finish and will be ready. But the public alpha demo for this new level 2 will not be release until to be decided later on. Logs:

+New Level 2 map almost finish
+New enemy (Tunguska Tank)

+Heavily optimized game performance (data read increasing 5 ~ 10 fps)
+New unity version, get rid that logo “Unity Personal Edition”

Here’s sneak peek images:

There’s also update for new Naluri that will be feature in next Banzai installment (not Banzai Escape). Design TBC .


Also some other updates that require less attention and just some small portion news. Well not really need to be informed much.

That’s All. Thank you for your attention and likes! More latest up to date news can be followed through here:



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