Banzai Escape Episode 1 PC all Done!

I wonder why i take time to post this up? Well i had a plan to post a news when Banzai Escape fully up-to-date. It’s mean, when Banzai Escape updated with the Voice Acting, so its done! Fully Finished!

So here is the news;


BANZAI ESCAPE already released on PC! So Grab and Enjoy it!

The game will make you cursing a lot for its hard difficulty. After the Greenlight seasons, i was working so hard to make the game up to Steam standard. Many likes the game which Thank you to you guys for loving it, and also many hate it because never thought it is “Rail-Shooter” kind. In the end, the game is up and running!


Videos Trailer:



Showing your support by buying legit copies! Share it to friend, tell others!

After this project, I was thinking the sequel. Banzai Escape Episode 2 already in progress. This time its fully thirdperson control and many other features. Here is the slight preview of it;

Thanks again~! Have a nice day~!


One comment

  1. I’m liking the transition to full control for Episode 2. Looks like its coming together nicely. OuO

    (Also the return of Rokiahi’s high-leg one piece outfit. o///o)

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