Banzai Escape Released!


Banzai Escape Already Release on Google Play Store. Grab it!
Scan QR or use the link provided (images).

Icon512 Icon512Free


+No Ads
+Easy to farming
+Killing enemies let you get money

+Contain Ads
+Have in-apps purchase for purchasing easy ingame money
+Hard to farming
+Killing enemies doesn’t let you get money

Grab it now!


  1. I love the dual firing modes–the ‘direct tap to shoot mode’ being perfect for fast firing and the ‘predictive mode’ being a thing for helping you see exactly where you’re shooting at. I got the paid version the other night to support Xeno and in any case, being able to earn monies from fragging random mooks really helps out if you can’t get past a level with your current equipment.

    Right now, I’m on Stage 3 and have managed to get past everything there up until the shotgunners. Even if you’re in cover, you’re gonna get hit which means ammo management and precise shot placement and timing is key–something I’ve yet to figure out since I’ve yet to get past that section (The machete guys are tough too–mess up your shots and it’s back to the beginning~!) ^-^;

    Overall I’m likely to be playing this for a good while. It’s nice and challenging unlike the generic stuff Glu Mobile keeps putting out. Can’t wait to see the rest of the levels and see what other weapons are in store. OuO

    • glad you’re enjoying it~ standard beating this game without stop is about 2 hour, including farming money (in paid version). Well you could do better probably? ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. grabs my phone and went to check it on google play, scrolls down and see, 330 MB, wow that’s heavy. Game looks interesting tho, but my Redmi won’t able to play this.

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