Tsundere face

Hello! How are you guys?

Sorry for long absents. Pretty busy lately with stuff since i’m already working at outside. I’m too busy to update stuff here although i already make many new stuff 🙂

First of all, i going to introduce you guys to new face template. Most of the time i use “MOE” style a lot and hard to move along. Then now i already make new faces again! Its tsundere style, sharp pointy eyes. Sometime it’s cute when got to use it on proper character.

Below here the example i made, 2 in total type:


One is almost realistic doll and the other one is i retain old moe looks with a bit fix-up on edge-loops to allow proper faceposing. Both of them is useful for future model.

By the way, i’m also making new model for garrysmod just to moving along with this development. If you guys have watch “Girl Und Panzer” Anime, you guys probably ever see this cute little loli soviet girl; Katyusha!


She is the perfect character for my testing phase. Now the model is already done:


Its about making new custom facepose! I already have done it, there’s few new and old custom facepose (click for full resolution):


Unfortunately, the model is a bit small. So no NPC available for her. So she will be only a ragdoll. The model will be available soon.

Thank You~~~!

Katyusha Girl Und Panzer (click to view in 3D)


Katyusha Girl Und Panzer


  1. Its great to see that you’re trying out new styles when it comes to modelling! A quick question though, which style would be harder for you to work with?

  2. Now that’s just awesome, a masterpiece! But having it as a player model will be good imo… can’t you do something about that? I know bones are small, but nothing can be done about that problem? I’d like to install it as a player model on my server, this is amazing.

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