TeaRsYs Beta V1.02

Happy New Year!

This year where my new semester of university started. Since 3 January, i already receive works from my university. So all works become terribly slow and hardly to progress especially the model works. Expect the low progress this month!

We TeaRsYs team (me and drak) at least have come up new version of engine. The engine gone some minor fix and major new features such:

+Scene management – Allow user to choose screensaver scene.
+New scene – Nurani turn 360 degree turn around.

also some performance improvement and better glow effect.

The license period till end of 2011 (just like anti-virus :P) so grab it now!




  1. I decided to look at this for the first time, and I’m… quite amazed. o-o; Loved all of your previous files for Half life2/UT but this is really great. 😀

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