TeaRsYs is near for Public Beta

The progress of TeaRsYs screensaver engine going well and expected to be release sooner for beta test… as you guys are inform before, Tearsys is 3d screensaver engine which featuring anime model and using some recent technology from nowadays gaming industry…


+Skeletal animation for models
+keyframe animation for scene
+Normal Maps
+Specular Mapping
+Shade Mapping
+Glow mapping
+Particle system
+3D positional sound
+Texture projector
+Custom shading through GLSL
+Uses simplified version of phong’s shading model
+ Full Screen Anti-Aliasing, Anisotropic filtering, texture compression
+and such more….

and here some sample image generate from engine (not final):

any opinion or improvement are gladly welcome! …almost like a PROJECT DIVA game eh!? well but this is not…


  1. Yay! Finally a reason for me to use screensavers again! Is it me, or does the Data Core have a heavy Virtual-On influence in its design? Makes me think it’s a smaller version of that one field you fight Jagaurandi in during the first Virtual On and Virtual On: MARZ. OuO

      • It literally took me fifteen years to hunt down the first game in the series. I already have Oratorio Tangram and VO:MARZ, meaning the only one I have yet to play is the JP-exclusive VO4:Force. o.o

        But yeah–the Data Core really does have a Virtual On-style to it. OuO

  2. *Wonders what a Mecha Shota Len and LOLIBATTLEMACHINE Rin based on VOX “Joe” and VOX “Jane” would look like.* Might actually draw out Koncept art of it at some point this month. TeaRsYs has me in Virtual On mode again! OuO

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