Bye Bye!

i will be hiatus starting tomorrow, Tuesday!
I got work this semester break for my university course which it call; measured drawing!

this work will be taking about two weeks and need to go far to other state…. thats mean, i will leave my house about 13days… so starting tuesday, 18 Mei until 30 Mei… i will not working on this web stuff until that time but still i can be online for certain time…

so Naluri, i’m sorry i cant use you for a while… dont cry T_T uhuhu


  1. Awww… Well, good luck Xeno! We’ll take care of Naluri for you!

    Ami/Nyaa Neko + Tiger-I Girl + Karl-Gerat Boy: *Huggle Naluri to make her feel better*

    • Lol. Didn’t you want all of us to take care of Naluri and crew while you were away? o.o

      Wait–what does Rohani like? o.o

  2. She likes privacy, I occasionally see how she is. I have to be careful because I went to see how she was one day and got a G36 in my face.

  3. *Thinks*

    Taking care of the PASKAL Gals requires…

    Cuddly panda -> Naluri
    Er, taken care of -> Rokiahi
    Cyberflex from that one episode of UCB -> Rohani
    Panda costume -> Nurani

    Have I missed anything on the list? o.o

      • Wasn’t my idea. Likely one of Sherman Girl’s ideas. o.o

        Sherman Girl: ❤
        Karl-Gerat Boy: o.o; [/confuzzled]

      • I imagined that…pretty much I came up with the idea (longer than Sherman Girl).

        Hey, let the “N” (Nurani / Naluri) hug each other, XenoAisam!

  4. *Checks* It’s the 24th of May where I am right now, so that means 6 more days. o.o

    Maybe situations like this call for that Naluri plushie marketing idea from awhile back? o.O

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