Update No.14: Mecha Musume production is continue

The new update is up and progressing. I’m apologize for such lateness update  due to hiatus such a long time because of my real-life work. This time, i’ve make some change to total mesh of Tiger-I

The hair now changed to better version because to give more nicer look when in HL2 source engine


The old hair using alpha-channel to give the transparency effect between hair stranded. The new one is using vertex stranded and it will have more poly but in result having a nicer look

The progress now moving into the compilation of model and testing phase after the faceposer part is finish.


The hardest work of faceposer is hopefully to be ok when in testing phase, i hope so. Well i did the faceposer on Naluri before, i think this will be ok eh?

some pics sample:

tiger11b tiger11c


  1. Me likes! Tiger-I Girl’s new hairstyle makes for a unique take on the original design which seems unusually…loli-ish. This makes her look more mature. C:

    Lol, I’ve been busy too. Currently I have to submit the database portion of my project by November 2nd, leaving me with one week and some-odd days for my team to get it done. No wonder the stress has got me playing Mortal Kombat: Armageddon more often during down time nowadays. @.@

    • w00t! Lots of peeps are gonna love the final product! C:

      Tiger-I Girl: Yay! OuO

      Karl-Gerat Boy: *Looks at Harmless Companion Cube* That cube is creepy… O.O;

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