Update No4 : Rokiahi (Rocky) v3 update

As from listed work-in-progress, Rokiahi is my next model in development… so here the progress so far, only head:

progresshead progresshead2

and this is the 3D sheet development pic:


so thats for all, stay tune for more update later~


  1. Ah SMG?

    May I design it? :3

    All I need to know is how powerfull it is so I can amp the design to it’s power…

      • Sounds neat. I guess it’s a weapon that’ll let Rokiahi be able to maneuver well and still have good punch on the front lines, right? ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. @bunneh:
    well for counter the effect, spectre have its own smg too! but with shield attachment~

    if u notice this too, when i equip shieldgun, then confront with sherman 75mm cannon, the shield can deflect the attack… but its causing me flying away

  3. That’d come in handy as it’s better to be alive when blown away by that 75mm cannon shell as opposed to having your entire upper body splattered all over the street (poor Panzer girls end up like that alot). XD

    • thats because panzer girl always shooting 75mm at close combat! ๐Ÿ˜› suicide~

      ahh!! yes~ Naluri also can become suicide bomber! just hold the fire button when equip with HEgrenade, then charge toward group of enemy~

  4. @ xeno: Lol, poor Naluri–giving new meaning to the term “Grenade Jump”. XD

    But in the universe of UT, death -> Respawn in 3…2…1… -> Alive again! XD

  5. This looks awesome just like all your other work. You never seize to amaze me regardless of me being easily impressed.

  6. There, I’m finally done with the illustration, hope you’ll like it Xeno ๐Ÿ™‚

    What makes it interesting is that I’ve placed the grenade launcher on the top, with the bullet cannon on the bottom…

    • Putting the GL on top as opposed to the bottom is an idea I’ve never seen before. Perhaps that’d emphasize the grenades as the primary function of the weapon? o.O

      This I must see.

    • Having a grenade launcher on top almost reminds me about the XM29 OICW, where the 20mm grenade launcher is also on the top. Interesting.

      I am a little concerned about the SMG’s trigger though.

  7. Well my idea was that the handle on the front of the gun can be pulled back to lauch a grenade…

  8. Now that I think about it, the PASKAL Jupiter SMG kinda looks like it has some design elements from the FN P90, provided that the ammo for it really is loaded in the back (a.k.a. Bullpup design). o.o

    As for the grenade rounds, I’m assuming those are loaded in from the top of the GL barrel, right? o.o

    • Lulz. Still a neat weapon design of course. Rokiahi must be happy to be able to wield something like this. C:

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