Black★Rock Shooter V2 Release

Black★Rock Shooter V2 released for both garrysmod and Obsidian Conflict. Its contain high resolution and quality texture and animated fire effect at her eyes.. make sure your pc performance  is good enough to handle it! other things else is standard jigglebone and faceposer support!


BRS model feature for garrysmod:

  • Contain 2 types of model ; One with cape and half-naked
  • Support player model (only model with cape only)
  • Support NPC for both types of model





BRS for Obsidian Conflict support player model and only one type of model; Model with cape. Other feature using default animation and setting from OC itself




PS: The render above also in the gallery too! ^_^


  1. Yay! Must remember to download and try out (provided I’m not in Fallout 3 marathon mode). @u@

    I wonder who would be up next for Gmod-verse? OuO

    *Panzer Len can be seen ventilating a bunch of random Millennium-SS grunts in the background.*

  2. WOW! Beautiful O_O

    High detail(Pain) But… Her eye flame – -”

    It’s look like a smoke (Try to fix it, better)

    I think you will make her to V.3 later

    (But i like her!!! ช่วยมะด้ายยยย >w<)

  3. Oh.My.God.

    Your work is a masterpiece.

    Visiting your site motivates me in practicing 3d modeling, especially the evolution of style from your past works up to present, including the unique facial base patterns. And now I see this.

    Keep up the good work, sir!

    *I just had to comment after seeing that render. Truly Marvelous. Will hope for more of your works..

  4. the model rendered weird at my pc whila played as player model , but rendered normal if i spawned it as a ragdoll

    the weirdos is the cape rendered all along the map , blocking my view ?_?

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