Black★Rock Shooter V2 progress

Still about 70%


  • Cape Cloth
  • Bone Rig
  • Export to source engine

New Feature:

  • Fire Element at her eyes

Will be in Garrysmod and Obsidian Conflicts

Black★Rock Shooter (c) Huke



  1. Flat-chest!! 😛

    (flatter than UT2004 version)


    I was going to say where is the black cape, but you said you are going to work on that.

    • haha~ well i realize i need to make it much original as possible, learned and experience the mistake from before so upgrade it for better quality~

      but this is all new model.. not alteration from old BRS model.

      flatchest is aeroplane strip XD

  2. There is a debate whether Miku is loli. The actual definition of loli is clouded: some goes by age, some goes by “flat chest”, some goes by the “child-like”, and some it is a mix of both.

  3. @Michael

    Well L4d using different bone~ and it would take time again to rig the bone whole over again + Reform her body shape to fits with l4d bone structure….

    too many works >_<

  4. Wow, great work Xeno! This is, if you excuse the obvious creepiness in this sentence, deliciously awesome!

    As for BRS being loli (Miku is unheard of on this subject since they still are different characters, but whatever) I would say no. Even adults can have flat or unusually last busts, so I would go by body shape. Somewhat tall girls with small or flat chests are defined as DFC according to popular terminology. Please do not ask what it stands for.

    Boobs aside, great work as always, can’t wait to see it in action!

  5. Or actually underage-LOOKING girls.


    Setting that debate aside…BRS would make a blast in Source (have a couple of rocket launcher models for her).

  6. Lol, Black Rock Shooter–I remember using her as one of Panzer Len’s backup units back during my UT2004 days…and that somehow ends up being integrated into a storyline with Panzer Len being the CO of Redemption Company Delta, which is composed of Panzer Rin, a bunch of Sherman and Panzer Girls, and Black Rock Shooter as a contract soldier. OuO

  7. Update UPDATE Updattteeeee


    now i turn to lazy.. to rig the bone at fingers are more complex… it would take time

    wait… should i make 2 version? one with cape cloth and another not~?

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