i got hacked

my email and steam account got hacked…

i cant login both two site…

so bye bye T_T


  1. No, no. Try it. It’s for when even your email gets hacked. They can tell. You just have to give them some information. Such as the email you used to register the account with and proof that you bought a game through Steam.

    Either with a credit card or from a CD key. Just tell them the name on the credit card and the last 4 digits on it, etc. It tells you. Just follow the directions carefully. Trust me, okay?

    • I thought it could have been an technical issue or a problem.

      If Hotmail failed, is there any alternatives to Hotmail?

      Since I was with GMail and with the hackers attack, I was supposed to be more worried.

      As for Steam, I hope they can save your account. *cross fingers*

      • X.X …Now I’m paranoid about my account being hax’d. I’m gonna go off and change my password. @.@

        I just hope your stuff can be saved, Xeno. Losing you to some wrong hax like this would be a big blow to the Gmod community. X.X

  2. Who is your email provider? Hotmail? I recommend you get in contact with them as well as Steam technical support.

    Have you tried Hotmail’s password reset?

    If you manage to get it back, I recommend changing your secret question on file to something that nobody could figure out, because that is often how free email accounts get hacked.

    You may also want to thoroughly check your computer for malware, just to be safe.

    • On top of that, changing passwords regularly also tosses in an extra layer of measure as passwords that are constantly changing make it more difficult for a hacker to crack. o.o

      I just hope this never happens again to anyone. @.@

  3. everything in a good stand! karasz say i’m not online when i got hijacked… thats mean they never open my acc after doing that dirty work…

  4. You do realize that whoever did this has your IP address, and can do it again. I have a friend who is a hacker, but he would not even sink this low.

    • First of all, no, the hacker does not necessarily have his IP address. There are plenty of ways he could have gained access that would not have required him to ever know his IP address.

      Second of all, even if the attacker does have his IP address, it doesn’t mean that the attacker can use it to steal his accounts. As long as you are running a up-to-date system and are behind any halfway decent firewall or NAT router, nobody will be able to access your system just by knowing your IP address.

      • yes i’m NAT router.. i cant open it when to play MW2 with friend (because i dont know how to open)… i just let my friend do create a new server and open up port on his side~

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