Update No.13 : メカ娘 Tiger-I beta with cannon picture


heh… yes! i’m still busy…. this is the result when i got too much tension and then take a break from work and doing this stuff…


tiger10 tiger10a tiger10b tiger10c tiger10d tiger10e

well if you guys notice, i did re-edit the texture so its looks more detail a bit


  1. Lol, that’s a BIG gun Tiger-I Girl has–even bigger than I thought it would be from the reference material. XD + OuO

    random Resistance Tiger-I Girl: *Shows off big gun* @u@ [/crazy]
    random SS Panzer Girl: O.O; *Pees herself at the sight of such a big gun, flees…and then trips over a Claymore mine a random Sherman Girl had planted five minutes earler*

    *Cue random applause from random Sherman and Resistance Panzer Girls*

    • lol its still WIP nee~ i will make the gun barrel more shorter later…

      random sherman: lets make a duel!! (shout at tiger-i)
      random tiger-I : Ok (draw a big gun….)
      random sherman: 0_o err… i mean, lets make a friend~

  2. It’s funny when the gun barrel is that long though. Oh, well–a big gun’s a big gun, yes? XD

    M26 Pershing Len: I has big gun too! [/domo]
    random SS Panzer Girls: O.O; *Pee themselves upon laying eyes on Pershing Len’s massive 90mm Gun and flee*
    M26 Pershing Rin: o.O I wonder if they realize they’re running right into a minefield– *Fleeing SS Panzer Girls get asploded by minefield* Guess not. o.O

  3. Lol, recently I’ve been having fun with dropping fragged NPCs from the sky. All it involves are balloons to lift up said ragdolls and a Crossbow to shoot the balloons and have the wasted NPCs plummet until parts of them get gibbed upon impact. XD

    Might make a couple of screenies around that and in that regard…poor SpecAlpha…

    SpecAlpha: *Fell from a high height and no longer has legs nor a right arm* X.X
    Tiger-I Girl: *Realizes what she’s doing by shooting balloons carrying peeps out of the sky* o.o; Ouch…that’s gotta hurt…
    Karl-Gerat Boy: *Gets some ideas and drags in a 12.8 cm FlaK 40* @u@
    group of SpecAlpha clones flying around with balloons attached to their backs* O.O;

  4. Because we’re in need of more lulz, a random skit:

    SpecAlpha clones: *Continue to float around in the sky with balloons attached to their waists* o.o
    Naluri: *Snipes one of them out of the sky*
    random SpecAlpha clone: *Balloon pops and she plummets.*
    Naluri: That’s for stealing my shorts all the time! O:<
    other SpecAlpha clones: *See the one shot-down SpecAlpha clone get gibbed upon smashing into the ground* O.O; *Silence* RUUUUUUUN!!! *They all try to "swim" out of the way as manuvering with a balloon tied to one's waist is not easy thanks to there being no way to steer*
    Karl-Gerat Boy: *Drags out a crate containing a 12.8cm FlaK 40 and realizes…* Wait, it's not assembled?!! @.@

    • Two weeks of non-stop work on Use Case Documents and other planning crap have driven me completely and utterly nuts…as evidenced by SpecAlpha clones flying around with bright yellow balloons tied to their waists. X.X

      SpecAlpha clones: *Floating around in the sky* @.@
      Karl-Gerat Boy: I don’t get it. o.O
      SpecAlpha clones: We don’t get it either. @.@
      Tiger-I Girl: o.o [/confused]

  5. Oh that, lol.

    I’ll see what I can do on that front. o.O

    In the meantime…

    [Insert stock film of SpecAlpha clones floating around with hydrogen-filled balloons tied to their waists here]

    Yeah, so much lulz. I should note that my Profile on Gaia now has a link to this site to promote it, Xeno. C:

  6. This is likely my second-to-last semester and I’ve also got my hands full with all kinds of work, mainly crap from my Software Dev course. @.@

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