Update No.12 : メカ娘 Tiger-I beta


Beta version release!
its mean without faceposer yet~
or u may ask for improvement

+cellshade using custom lightwrap
+will be Faceposer
+NPC use

Download Beta (since its beta, its not available at download section):


any comments, feedback orproblem? ..comments bellow


  1. Lol @ the “No Dumping” sign in the background of that vid. XD

    As for the Tiger-I Girl Beta Model, it works! OuO x81

    I note that on my copy of Gmod, Tiger-I Girl appears shinier than usual but maybe it’s just that or my laptop. It doesn’t affect anything though and she looks and functions great at the moment. Poor Chibi GlaDOS can finally catch a break now after the last set of screenies I took. XD

    • too shiny right? i dunno… u want cellshade or not~ because those shiny are effect from cellshade… only low lighting map can see it normally

      or maybe u didn’t want it?

      • I guess the cellshading is good then. Took a closer look and actually realized it was cellshading. XD

        It’s good at the moment. OuO

      • I recently tested out the beta model Tiger-I Girl in a darker map than usual and it really is the maps I play on that made the Mecha Shoujo look shinier than usual–on the TF2 maps she appears just like she does in the screenshots you posted. OuO

  2. Yay! Armies upon armies of Tiger-I Girls! XD

    random Allied Soldiers: *Manage to find a squad’s worth of Tiger-I Girls and reprogram (Read: They offered them candy.) them to fight against ebil Haetler’s Nazties*

    random Nazties: *Get shot at by the Tiger-I Girls their very own scientists created* Mein Lieber Gott!! *Flee and get blown to bits*

  3. That reminds me, I still have to dig up my insanely old copy of the very first Wolfenstein game I have. Funny how they made a map of the very first level in that game for UT2004. XD

    • Okay. OuO

      On the topic of lua, I wonder how can I make an enemy NPC zombie-based while not having to use the default zombie model? So far I have two NPC versions of the models I have–friendly (Civilian) and hostile (Combine) but creating NPCs with zombie status overrides what I put in the model field with the default zombie model. o.o

  4. Oh I see. o.o

    So much for zombie Chibi GlaDOS, though fighting armies of that would be lulz. XD

    [Insert stock film of Chibi GlaDOS, Tiger-I Girl, and Karl-Gerat Boy shooting up and blasting to pieces hordes upon hordes of zombie Chibi GlaDOS copies here]

  5. On an unrelated note, I just stumbled across a SWEP that’s pretty much inspired by Hokuto no Ken (Imagine Karl-Gerat Boy going “ATATATATATATATATATATATA!!! YA-TAAAAAAA!!!” on an ebil Nazty Zombie, which then explodes five seconds after he exclaims “Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken!” ) and so I’m looking at other melee-based SWEPs to see how I can tweak the world animations for it. Right now it uses a speeded up version of the crowbar attack anim, which doesn’t look like a Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken to me. XD

  6. No problem. I’m still busy with my own projects and all in addition to tinkering around with the Hokuto No Ken SWEP I mentioned last post. Managed to get some of the anims working but it looks like Tiger-I Girl is simply jabbing her left fist out at lightning-fast speed when it’s supposed to alternate left-right-left-right, the way Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken is supposed to be. Might have to figure out how to get that right or I might have to switch to a different set of anims in which the left and right punches automatically follow one another as opposed to the Left Click = Left Punch and Right Click = Right Punch thing that comes with the Combo Fists SWEP. o.o

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