Update No.11 : メカ娘 Tiger-I body Final WIP

tiger9d tiger9c tiger9a tiger9b

Update Arrived!

Mecha musume Tiger-I is fully textured and boned!
Now its time to code for Hl2!

there’s be no jigglebone for this model… so no physic simulation at her hair or her small boobs 😀
be sure to waits for next update!!


  1. OuO x63

    I guess she’s almost ready to deploy in Gmod-verse, yes? That way Chibi GlaDOS can catch a break.

    I’m assuming she’s compatible with the whole Pmod thing that Boroko used to make his characters usable as player models, right? OuO

  2. As long as Tiger-I Girl (and Karl-Gerat Boy when he becomes a reality) are playable in Gmod, I’m good. OuO

    On another note, I’ve always wondered what Worms Forts: Under Siege would be like if instead of controlling silly little bad-mouthed Worms, we controlled teams of random Mecha Shoujos (and the occasional Mecha Shounen) instead? I’ve actually been thinking about that lately and took all day to jot down some ideas on such…which really makes me wish I was a game coder… o.O

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