Guys, this 10 till 23 February, i’ll will be gone…. pilgrimage to holy land. So i will not or less touching the internet. Even i have internet, probably only on phone. So see ya guys later after that date~ if god willing XD. Please behave when i’m gone :)

Banzai Escape Released!


Banzai Escape Already Release on Google Play Store. Grab it!
Scan QR or use the link provided (images).

Icon512 Icon512Free


+No Ads
+Easy to farming
+Killing enemies let you get money

+Contain Ads
+Have in-apps purchase for purchasing easy ingame money
+Hard to farming
+Killing enemies doesn’t let you get money

Grab it now!

Serious Sam 3 Madness

Today I’ve done bunch of things related to Serious Sam 3 game.

2015-08-17_00007 41070_screenshots_2015-08-16_00002


It is player models and tutorials.

Two player models provided for now is Nekomimi GLaDOS and Naluri Sihara. Both are now available on XenoAisam Download Center

Picture1.png (962×98)


I’m also published tutorial on how to mod player model into serious sam 3

Tutorialsmall.jpg (150×50)


The cover basic moding player model including setting up team colour.

Thats all. Happy downloading and Learning :)