Banzai Escape now in Steam Greenlight

Good news everyone! Now Banzai Escape is available in Greenlight. That’s mean it will be available for PC!

What you need to do is vote for it to make it available for pc. Go into greenlight page below and start voting! Of-course vote Yes is helpful :)


Thank you~!


Banzai Escape Released!


Banzai Escape Already Release on Google Play Store. Grab it!
Scan QR or use the link provided (images).

Icon512 Icon512Free


+No Ads
+Easy to farming
+Killing enemies let you get money

+Contain Ads
+Have in-apps purchase for purchasing easy ingame money
+Hard to farming
+Killing enemies doesn’t let you get money

Grab it now!

Serious Sam 3 Madness

Today I’ve done bunch of things related to Serious Sam 3 game.

2015-08-17_00007 41070_screenshots_2015-08-16_00002


It is player models and tutorials.

Two player models provided for now is Nekomimi GLaDOS and Naluri Sihara. Both are now available on XenoAisam Download Center

Picture1.png (962×98)


I’m also published tutorial on how to mod player model into serious sam 3

Tutorialsmall.jpg (150×50)


The cover basic moding player model including setting up team colour.

Thats all. Happy downloading and Learning :)