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XenoAisam Banzai
XenoAisam Mod DB
XenoAisam Web Deviantart
XenoAisam WordPress
XenoAisam YouTube

XenoAisam Download Center

Japanese Stuff!




Unreal Tournament 2004!

Unreal Tournament 3

Half-Life 2

Ress Coast:

Boroko’s World:

DarkClown Blog:

Dii Blog:

GForum Friends! your blog List is deleted! if u have something useful to share and care, contact me so i can put your blog back

11 Responses to “Link and Linksss”

  1. Can I get on there? I’ll give you things and such.

  2. what is it?

    I just ramble on about general stuff and life. You’ll like it, I think.

  4. OK!
    i’ll add it!

  5. updated!
    it would be better if have your own banner, so people would easily spot your blog~

  6. I love you now more than ever. Like a god but with, something else.

  7. arigato gozaimasu~

  8. Hey, Xeno. Use this for my link:

    Thx :D

  9. Hi there Xenoaisam!!! :D Thanks for linking to my site!

    • you’re welcome!

  10. COOL

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