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This website own by XenoAisam under the wordpress domain name. My work especially all my hobby and fan art will be post here and mostly are an anime work.

This website also serve and inform visitor about “what I’m doing just now” as visitor can visit the “news” link at the side of page. Most of the update of my new creation will be inform there~ feel free to comment if you want to!

As more thing goes here are the gallery and tutorial links. It’s open to let visitor enjoy with the work I’ve done and some tutorial which teach us about the making of anime model and anime artwork by my own way style and perspective. This well help visitor understand the work flow in creation of all my work here :)

To know more about the model!

There are 2 faction in this story of the model. Actually, this model were create for UnrealTournament 2004 game! as player model. People can choose which model they like to perform action in the arena!

Those faction are:


The History of Paskal or “Pasukan Khas Laut” began in 1975, when The Royal Malaysian Navy
saw a need for a security regiment trained in modern maritime warfare. It’s main purpose is
to protect naval bases all over Malaysia. The first batch of 30 officers and men were sent to
Central Commando Training Center located at Sg Udang Melaka, Indonesia KOPASKA (TNI-AL/Indonesian Navy Underwater Combat Unit), Royal Marine Commando, UK and BUD-SEAL, USA. On 1st October 1980, PASKAL was officially established when the Government started to enforce the EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) which covered 200 nautical miles off Malaysian waters. Other than that, there was also a requirement to protect Malaysian offshore stations near the disputed Spratly island. Therefore, “Pasukan Khas Laut” (PASKAL) an elite navy commando team was formed on 1st October 1982 that able to execute military combat in total at sea, air and land.

PASKAL has an associate training program abroad such as the SAS/UK, NGSLO , BUD/SEAL, EOD – USA, Submarine Escape – Australia, Assault Swimmer – Australia, Clearance Diver – Australia/USA, Sniper Supervisor – Australia and Mountain Climbing – France, SASR Australia etc.

PASKAL is equipped with the latest and most sophisticated weaponary and gadgets, such as night vision, sub skimmer (UDV), laser-guided assault rifle etc. Many among military personnel in the country, laud them to be the best operative special force in the region.

In the year 2020, since the last world alien invasion incident, PASKAL are more equip with the most advance technology for the fighting force. Most of the PASKAL force more skillful rather in land or at the air after gaining knowledge research from the art of war.

PASKAL soldier have consist deferent type of style depending on the area. Those area are urban, desert, jungle and winter. Sea are the most advantage area for all PASKAL force type because they had well trained at sea although most of the PASKAL base are underseas.

There are 6 main unit of PASKAL:

Rokiahi – Love – urban
Naluri – Desire – desert
Rohani – Hearth – jungle
Nurani – Light – winter – elite PASKAL force
Riroki – Capten

2 more unit still in plan

Jasmani – Physical – Urban
Emosi – emotion – Desert

Those character behavior depending with their meaning of the name.

SPECTRE (SPecial Executives for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion)

Early day, it was a good faction create under national world joint-Force and approve by United Nation. SPECTRE help the world needs to fight heavy rebellion, control civil and counter-terrorism. Since when the main lead in organization change, the SPECTRE behave bit like opposition site. The day when the alien invasion come, SPECTRE was assign with PASKAL and other forces around the world to fights all invaders. The SPECTRE opposition point of view become more bold after the defeated of invaders, they had their own economy,  intelligent,  people and place at Crabkey. Most the intelligent gather from the dead invaders.

PASKAL was order by world joint-Force to destroy the SPECTRE minion and all but some of intellectual people,  experiment specimen, higher-council escaped safely and goes to hidden unknown places.

Several year later, SPECTRE now re-act to invade the world by using their own power and force to conquer all over world. Its now using first phase technology for their forces; Anti-Gravity device,  Plasma power cell and floating base. SPECTRE use this advantage to conquer land-by-land easily and  create a shock to the world. The intelligent gathered from invaders technology create a new special operative force work under SPECTRE call OCTOPUS. It consists of their 5 of the best operatives, codenamed as SpecALPHA to SpecOMEGA, whom is the leader of the OCTOPUS team. Some of them are cybernatic bot.

OCTOPUS members consist of 5 members

SpecAlpha Image
SpecBeta Image
SpecLambda Image
SpecGamma Image
SpecOmega Image

all name comes from chemical and physic reaction symbol~ because some of them are immune to radiation, microwave, electric static, magnetic pressurize, laser and etc etc


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